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Are you not getting enough out of your indoor air quality measurements?

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Are temporary issues with the indoor environment causing permanent discontent?

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Increase satisfaction with your indoor environment through transparent communication.

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We know about the process you are used to

Your co-workers notice issues with the indoor environment, you then perform indoor air quality measurements, you wait for months just to get a report that is inconclusive. All this, and you still need to bring something to your co-workers…

The companies above chose the option to:

  • spend less money
  • get more answers
  • and communicate openly with their co-workers from day one.
They chose 720°
  • "The investment pays itself back with just one avoided false alarm" YIT-group, Workplace resources unit manager, Pirjo Pernu
  • The real-time nature and feedback to employees is felt very positive. It makes things very open vs. current, and often delayed, one-shot measurement projects and 'through-the-boss' reporting Tieto, Facilities Project Manager, Mikko Rikkonen
  • Did you know that there are seven factors affecting thermal comfort...
  • There are 128 000 different Volatile Organic Compounds... and counting.
  • According to our industry survey, the biggest challenge concerning indoor air quality is: Communication
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