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We know all offices are not alike, and you do as well. When you deploy 720° into more than one building, you will be able to compare both personnel satisfaction and objective building data.

Key part of our solution
720° Screen

Are you not getting enough out of your indoor air quality measurements?

Many of our customers were finding that when indoor air quality complaints reached the facility management it then took 3-5 months for an air quality measurement to be completed – often with inconclusive results.

Our air quality sensors options measure everything from; Temperature, Relative Humidity, Carbon Dioxide and total Volatile Organic Compounds, to Particulate matter, 1µm 2,5µm and 10µm.

720° is a that can be solution deployed fast, and immediately puts results at your fingertips. Cloud technology enables our solution to supersede the outdated and labor-intense techniques that were developed more than 24 years ago. We notify you whenever an issue worth your attention arises to allow you to understand and rectify the situation.

With a rising worry in open office landscapes regarding noise levels, we have developed sensors for permanently solving the noise level issues through monitoring dB levels and Voice levels; through our Voice Activity Detection (VAD) algorithm.

Increase satisfaction through transparent communication

Transparent communication is important, third party involvement is sometimes even more important. We develop the trust between our customers employees and their facility management by two-way communication in real-time regarding anything relating to the indoor environmental quality.

In our work we have noticed that small and temporary issues with the air quality are less disturbing to people, than being fully unaware of the issues at all. This is why we allow companies to openly communicate in real-time about the air quality, instead of being forced to wait several months and then try to interpret inconclusive, sometimes unnecessarily vague reports regarding volatile organic compounds and particles, that in themselves may be harmless.

Are temporary issues causing permanent discontent?

In companies these days it is more than likely that a temporary issue in the facilities has launched a indoor air quality investigation; that has shown no findings at all. To us, this is a waste of resources due to the labor intense and lengthy investigations which might have the whole organisation suspecting indoor air quality issues to be found, for a period of several months. When this happens for an issue that was temporary, and by the time measurements are done, it is long gone; your losses are cross-compartmental and significant in relation to the problem faced.

Our sensors are deployable immediately, and they deliver results.. immediately. They also find issues that might be temporary so that you can fix them, without worrying about the measurements having been performed at the wrong time.

Localizing issues

When we introduce Internet of Things to the world of Indoor Air Quality measurements we open up the possibility for development beyond laboratory tests. We can see in real-time how particles and compounds move in your offices, which enables our system to locate the source of pollution.

We are not going to make you read through tens of pages of a report to realise that you do not know what it means. Our system simply displays a notification, whenever it picks up something serious enough for you to pay attention to it.

Building Benchmarking

We know all offices are not alike, and you do as well. When you deploy 720° into more than one building, you will be able to compare both personnel satisfaction and objective building data.

This makes it easier to have facts on the table when you chose to improve on your office environments, and for this we also help you, consulting is included in the service.

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