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This is the international team of 720°, as we have understood the best talents in every industry do not all come from the same location.

Karoliina Kajander Director, Customers
Our customers seem to think there is something special about Karoliina... we don't know yet. We are still waiting for her to take a break from talking to customers, so we can find out...
Nora Vähäkangas Manager, Customers
We doubted a bit about getting a second person speaking German as their (second) mother tongue, but I assure you, when you meet her you will understand why we absolutely needed her!
Jonas Heinola Business Developer
A Master of Organisations from Norther Finland who thinks board-games are "cool". (this is probably the funniest bio we have)
Linda Schelehoff Business Developer
Yeah, so she pronounces her name differently every single time... super difficult. She spells out L-I-N-D-A so often, that now we just call her "Schelehoff"
Maria Holopainen Business Developer
She runs ultramarathons and thinks our nature is worth saving. Some people sure know how to set unattainable goals. I mean... it's like 70 kilometers!
Eveliina Jussila Business Developer
Ask her how they do 'insert-topic-here' in South America.. I dare you. Oh, did we mention she has been working in Mexico? She sure has.
Johanna Eidensten Area Manager
Johanna tackles other women on ice. Calm down... her professional sport of choice is Ice Hockey, not figure skating.
Rick Aller Chief Operating Officer
Rick's magnificent skills are only matched by his humbleness! (Hi! I write these bio's... unless you don't like them, then it's Simon)
Antti Lunkka Technical Support, Super Awesome
A master of communication protocols who loves to solve hardware issues. Now... this doesn't automatically make him weird, just very ambitious...
Leszek Skoczylas Python Developer
Nothing can stress this man out, except for... you know... anything at all.
Tomas Konicek Developer, Front-End Lead
Childhood stories say he used to lock himself in a closet for days, and come out with mind-blowing graphs and charts with full front-end functionality.
ZhiZhong Zhuang Developer, Front-End
This guy laughs at Simon's jokes, this is why we think he is probably the best coder ever.
Joanna Johansson Data Scientist, Research Lead
B.Sc in Kindness, M.Sc in Happiness and PhD in Chemistry... that last one is also an actual degree, but she influences us with all of the above.
Salvatore della Vecchia Data Scientist
This is a machine learning wizard, truly exceptional, guess where he is from? Hint: He has two ovens, one especially for pizza! (no joke)
Samy Clinchard Director, Innovations
Mathematician, musician... data scientist? This guy correlates everything to math. That never gets boring.
Simon Burg VP, Technology
A coder since age six. Still a coder... still a bit like a six year old.
Tomas Novotny CEO
"Tomas believes in healthy environments and progress through technology." He also writes his own darn description, no matter what marketing says.

Advisors - White shirt and a striking pose is mandatory

Jaakko Kontiainen Advisor - Cloud
With experience from Nokia Networks and Rohm Semiconductor Jaakko brings 720° experience in business and strategy. Currently he is Director of Partnerships at Nordcloud.
Adam Kocik Advisor - Finance
Adam has a background in real estate as a Director of PPF Real Estate and leads J&T Ventures investments into fast growing technology companies.
Jaromir Popek Advisor
Jaromir is the Founder of U1, a leading office design agency in Central Europe. Jaromir brings hands-on expertise from the industry and entrepreneurial experience.
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